Thursday, 22 September 2011

Zine List for Sheffield Zine Fair

Here's a list of the zines I will be selling at my stall at Sheffield Zine Fair on Sunday. These are own zines I've made/curated plus a few by other Bradford area zinesters.

My zines:

Blame Mabel (A5 b+w zine)

Oisin, You Walk In The Sun (A5 b+w zine)

No-one Should Call You a Dreamer (A5 b+w and colour zine)

This Is Water Issue 1 (A5 colour zine)

This is Water Issue 2 (A5 b+w zine)

Iris Tait (A6 instant zine: colour)

Up in The Woods (A6 instant zine:colour)

We Are Alive Again (A6 instant zine: b+w)

Curated Zines:

I Stood Up and I Said Yeah - zine I curate for artist collective New Work Yorkshire
(A5 b+w zine)

Zines by Stuart Ogden
Boarding House Blues (A5 b+w zine)
We are Verfallgotten Unterirsdischildren (A4 b+w fold out zine)
In Solstice (custom size)
Missing Pets (b+w mini zine)

Bella Wood
Wednesday Shopping Lists (A6 b+w zine)

Footsteps Zine

Footsteps in The Dark (A6 b+w)

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