Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Mark E Smith Pocket Zine of Wisdom

My book of the year is Mark E Smith's 'Renegade'. I found it both totally inspiring and utterly hilarious in equal measure. I recently re-read it and afterwards wanted to find a way to remember some of the things he says, such as

'In my book, the more you want to make of your life, then the more you fucking do. I wonder sometimes when I look at bands what their brains must be like. Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish writer said, 'Produce, produce - it's the only thing you're there for'.

I love Mark E Smith's uncompromising attitude to his work, his utter disregard for anyone else's opinion and his drive. He is the main man.

So I made this zine about him. Printed in full colour, 10.5cm x 7.5cm this mini zine
is packed with pearls of insight from the sagacious MES, comes in its own resealable bag, and will not fail to raise a smile.
You can buy it here for only £1 plus postage

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